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Dead Sand

Online release via Bandcamp.

The Fonderie Darling is a 500 m2 former foundry converted to art gallery and cultural space in Montréal’s Griffintown neighbourhood. Speakers and microphones were placed throughout the gallery in an attempt to create an acoustic listening space with no centre.

Released 17 December 2013
Recorded at the Fonderie Darling, Montréal.

Recorded and mixed by SB
Recording assistance by Douglas Moffat
Mastered at Amann Studios, Vienna



12” one-sided, vinyl with mirror cover and unique feedback print
12 MIN 09 SECS
Cut by dieb 13 (Vienna)

Composition of feedback cut into the A-side of a vinyl record. The B-side is etched with, “The Cultural Logic of Late Noise”. Titles borrowed from Fredric Jameson’s, “Postmodernism, or The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism”.

Download version available via Bandcamp:


The Wrong Echo

180g gatefold LP and CD
Released by ORAL Records
June 2010

Featuring contributions from Peter Burton (double bass), Christine Fellows (piano, keyboards), Chistof Migone (gutted reel-to-reel, contact mics), jake moore (vocals), Jason Tait (drums, vibraphone, cracked electronics), Leanne Zacharias (cello).

Recorded and mixed in Montréal by Steve Bates
Additional recording by David Bryant, at The Pines
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market
Lacquer by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

Design by Eric Mattson
Artwork by jake moore
Photograph by Anke Burger

Download version available via ORAL /Bandcamp:

The Wrong Echo / Broken Arms / Lefty’s Theme / Trans-Atlantic / Calypso / Floorboard Music / Doledrums / Harbour Lights

Monsieur Bates hails from Winnipeg, but has anchored himself in La Belle Ville for the last while, greatly impacting the city’s avant-garde cultural scene. The Wrong Echo is a thing of beauty, an album filled with real and unreal sounds, carefully treated, processed and patched under Bates’ watchful eye. Though his background is punk rock guitar, his name has spread within the experimental electronics scene, and this record straddles both of those two worlds. Loud, minimal and dissonant co-exist here. Guests include Christine Fellows, Christof Migone and The Weakerthans’ Jason Tait. Wow.
- Steve Guimond


The Dim Coast

Moso Records

Never Been To A Disco / Everywhere Little Explosions / Q/G2G5-G Or Ode To A Vactr76 / I've Had Enough / Hotel Amnesia / To Return To Come Back To / Our Previous George / Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux