Releases - Compilations

Suoni per il Popolo 2014
2xCD Compilation

Design and Printing: Kiva Stimac

Featuring a track from Seijiro Murayama & Steve Bates, along with Le Fruit Vert, Mike Pride's FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS, Ought, L'Appel du Vide, Boneshaker, A Sacred Cloud, Gypsey Kumbia Orchestra, The Deciders, Sonic Avenues, Big Brave, Stefan Christoff & Sam Shalabi, Sunfields, You'll Never Get to Heaven, and Kyle Bobby Dunn.

Available from Suoni per il Popolo.

Send + Receive: 10 Years of Sound
2 DVD Box Set

Celebrating the first 10 years of the festival, this set contains over 11 hours of audio, a beautiful booklet and a feature length documentary!

20 incredible performances were painstakingly selected by committee from the rich festival history to be shared on one DVD as .wav files* (the best way to fit so much high quality audio). The artists featured on this disc are:

David Grubbs, Lee Ranaldo + Dean Roberts, Martin Tétreault, Oval, CiNdy (Sam Shalabi + Alexandre St-Onge), Tomas Jirku, Michael Dumontier, Tim Hecker, My Kingdom for a Lullaby (M. Grill, C. Kurzmann, B. Roisz + M. Siewert), Taylor Deupree, Jason Kahn, i8u, Aki Onda, 3x3is9 + Bernhard Günter, Scant Intone, crys cole, Steve Bates, Sawako, Fletcher Pratt and Oren Ambarchi.

The second disc contains a feature length documentary created by Canadian filmmaker Caelum Vatnsdal. With extensive video footage culled from our archives alongside interviews with festival directors past and present the film not only gives a great overview of what s+r is all about but also provides a rare opportunity to witness incredible performances and events that have occurred at the festival over it's first 10 years. Featuring several of the artists listed above as well as Peter Brotzmann, Otomo Yoshihide, Christian Bök, Ken Gregory, Steve Heimbecker, Kaffe Matthews, Alexis O'Hara, Peter Cusack, Mitchell Akiyama, Not Half and many more...

This set serves as an incredible archive of audio art, a document of an important Canadian sound festival and simply put an amazing catalog of work!

Available from Send + Receive.


ORAL Records

Je me Souviens 4, NFB
Sala Rossa, Montreal, Quebec
May 23, 2008
Curator: Eric Mattson

Released 01 June 2008
Artwork By – Jérôme Fortin
Edited By – Eric Mattson

OSTINATOS : A series of LIVE recordings released in Limited Edition CDrs, for an exhibition of artist Jerome Fortin, 2008. SAT Gallery.


La Chute

Mathematicians have known for close to 40 years that the length of an ordinary piece of letter-size paper lies somewhere between 27 centimetres and infinity. When you measure, should you outline all the irregularities or skip over them? If you opt for the former option, the length you measure can easily triple or quadruple. Avatar used this principle for its project La chute. Thirteen artists —six from film and video and six from sound—were commissioned to produce 10 second pieces, with the understanding that Avatar would expand these 10 seconds into 10 minutes.

The Avatar team then worked on each video or sound production. Strategies were worked out and applied to stretch and develop them into 10 minute works while retaining the intentions and methods of the originals. The DVD was then programmed to allow various playback options and ways to associate sound and images ranging from complete randomness to full control.

The DVD was launched in 2008 by Avatar.

Deconstructive Music
CD packaged in a 7 inch case including 28 cards.

28 artists were invited to contribute their artistic suggestions of what seems to be the music of the 21st century, music deconstucted to its initial elements or constructed from various fragments of sound, art and physical activity.

Anthonny Guerra, as11, Ilios, Ateleia, Bill Horist, Carlos Giffoni, Chris Forsyth + Chris Heenan, cpu, Danny l, Darkroom, David Daniell, Fervent, Hood & Rodgers, Julien Ottavi, Kalorifeur, Manuel Mota, Margarida Garcia & Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Massaccesi, Mattin, Omnid, Osso Bucco, Sean Meehan, sinistri vs the dim coast, Stasis Duo, Threnody Ensemble, tmp, Xabier Ekizia, Zeitkratzer and Ktirio B.

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