…a solid, immovable ceiling of sound

Recorded in Verdun, France (2016)
Mixed in Montréal.

2xLP featuring tracks from Gilles Aubry, Steve Bates, eRikm, Jacob Kirkegaard, François Martig, Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag

Curated by Mono-Mono (Émilie Roi & François Martig)

…a solid, immovable ceiling of sound is a sound work recorded in various locations on the World War One battlefield of Verdun.

…a solid, immovable ceiling of sound uses sounds from the forest as they exist today, radio signals, and sounds transferred through, or collected from, the various World War One architectural ruins remaining. It is a work about listening to the forest as it stands now and through historical materials in situ. The title is borrowed from a Canadian soldier’s description of the sound of World War One and tells of the tangible nature of sound, especially driven to such extremes.