The Year I Floated In Space

Throughout 2021
Online, 88.0 FM and on site
802 Main Street, Nutana, Saskatoon, SK.
365 Day Study of the Site located 52.116497º N, 106.651021º W
Video, sound, image, text, data

On site performances, projections, low-power radio transmissions and streaming events will be scheduled throughout the year. Dates to be confirmed.

TYIFIS is a year-long study of a home. The site consists of a front yard, side yard, bungalow (constructed in 1941), garage/studio, and backyard.

Temperature / light / humidity / wind / mood / atmosphere / presence and absence...

Throughout the year, video, sound, transmission, streaming projects will emerge from the material collected alongside a body of research related to the history of this site, European rationalism and the emergence of scientific method (along with the costs and losses associated with these methods), sensing data, and things seen, heard, and felt.

A daily log entry will be made in addition to the audio-visual material.

Thank you: jake moore, Clint Neufeld, Rachel Buhler, Ari and Sadie, the birds in the trees.

Funding assistance provided by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.