The Acoustics of Water Consumption

Waaw Centre for Art and Design
Saint-Louis, Senegal
April 3 - 26, 2013

When visitors come to Saint-Louis, Senegal, they generally purchase 10 litre bottles of filtered drinking water to consume during their time in the city. The locals drink filtered tap water from Lac Guiers.

A daily recording was taken for three of the weeks I was in Saint-Louis. Each day a site was selected and the sound captured from the object of the bottle and the changing water level inside. A contact microphone was attached to the outside of the bottle with a hydrophone immersed in the water inside. The resonant character of the bottle changed with my daily water consumption. When one bottle was finished, another was purchased and used.

Thank you: Waaw Centre for Art and Design, Staffan Martikainen, Jarmo Pikkujämsä, Dieylani Sow, Johanne Teigen, Greg Pritchard, Riitta Liede, Nelson Henricks, and the Canada Council for the Arts.