Radio Forest

Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery
December 11, 2008 – January 17, 2009
Group exhibition with
Steve Bates, Amélie Guérin-Simard, Mark Igloliorte, Miriam Sampaio, Meera Margaret Singh, Malena Szlam
Selection by Susannah Wesley and Michèle Thériault

Radio Forest is an installation consisting of projected video footage of passing transmission antennas along Northern Ontario’s Trans-Canada Highway, itself a networked circuit. Accompanying the video footage, but separate from it, are audio signals collected and processed from shortwave radio broadcasts. Connecting the two entities is a flickering light, acting as a beacon, emitted from a video monitor receiving the audio signal via its video input.

"Steve Bates’s video installation, Radio Forest, is an abstracted representation, in image and sound, of the lengthy network of antennas that run along Northern Ontario’s Trans-Canada Highway, symbolic of transience and communication but also of human presence and absence."