Radio 16º 16º

Waaw Centre for Art and Design
Saint-Louis, Senegal

Radio 16° 16º (abbreviated latitude and longitude broadcasting coordinates 16° 1' 41" N 16º 30' 13" W) is a series of site-specific radio broadcasts made in Saint-Louis, Senegal. St-Louis is designated an UNESCO World Heritage on the basis of its colonial history, town plan, architecture, and particular natural setting on an island at the mouth of the Senegal River.

The project title, Radio 16° 16º, references the ‘neutral’ coordinates of the city while also referencing the ubiquitous military apparatus through which we operate daily, namely in this case, satellite surveillance. The latitude and longitude measurements link site back to a colonial mapping of the Earth’s surface along with the known contortions and warping of Earth’s 3D surface onto a 2D paper mapping system and the resulting inaccuracies of scale, distance and economic and political power and representation.

Broadcast 1:
Sunday, April 14, 2013
88.0 FM
Prayers, wire fence, Fleuve du Senegal, fish feeding in river, night walk Saint-Louis, Wolof language class, electrical breaker and circuit box, metal railings on Faidherbe Bridge.

Broadcast 2:
April 21, 2013
88.0 FM
This week's program is a little denser, playing on the psychedelic sounds of Senegal. This broadcast features heavily processed recordings of radio signals collected in Saint-Louis.