Long Night Takes

September 15 - October 18 , 2014
4001, rue Berri, local 301

An exhibition essay by Esther Bourdages and photographs of the exhibition can be found in English and en français.

This project considers night as space. A space that has been radically changed with the advent of industrial lighting. A space that is produced and one that is influenced by a psychic charge that is driven by centuries of human experience. Night as host of revolutionary impulse, libidinal desire, criminal action, escapist fantasy, freedom ventures, hushed meetings and whispers.

This project considers night as time. A time of ferment and recuperation. A time of release and contemplation. The night is a time that slows down - even when it speeds past.

Images: Paul Litherland

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Thank you/merci: jake moore, Douglas Moffat, Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt, Michaela Grill, Timothy Herzog, Eric Mattson, Nicole Gingras, Esther Bourdages, Concordia University Fine Arts Research Facilities, Oboro and her staff.

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