A Sound That Never Was

Curated by The Dim Coast

The web version is live here:

Félicia Atkinson (France) / Matthew Cardinal (Canada) / Raven Chacon (USA) / crys cole (Canada) / Isabella Forciniti (Austria/Italy) / David Grubbs (USA) / Timothy Herzog (Canada/USA) - Sasha J. Langford (Canada) / Mani Mazinani (Canada/Iran) / Christof Migone (Canada) / Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt (Canada) / Anju Singh (Canada) / Aho Ssan (France) / Mark Templeton (Canada).

Inspired by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski's book, Voice of Hearing
Republished by Squint Press and available here.

Original text by Daniela Cascella
Digital Instrument by Alexandre Burton / artificiel
Digital and Infrastructure Support by Sporobole and 0/1 - Hub numerique Estrie

14 sound artists respond to a book with sound, noise, gesture, utterance, music.

A Sound That Never Was is a new digital instrument that operates a score writ from software code that is modulated by weather data and seismic activity. The score parses the library’s sound files authored by a chorus of artists, played out in arrangements determined by the vibrancy of the world in the particular place at the moment of selection. The precise arrangements understood as relationality between the world, the machines of production, transmission, and reception, and the artists original gestures - perform a sound that never was before and never will assemble exactly thus again.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.