Send + Receive: A Festival of Sound

In 1998, Send + Receive (Winnipeg) was founded upon the suggestion of jake moore, who also named it, and with the support of Video Pool Media Arts Centre through a project conceived by Robert Sauvey. Send + Receive would not exist without them. From 1998-2004 I was fortunate enough to be the director of Send + Receive. In that time, Send + Receive presented the work of numerous local, national and international artists. Don Bargenda, Deanna Radford, Tom Kohut, Ted Turner, Nadin Gilroy and many others were integral to the festival's survival and cohesion until crys cole started guiding it to it's present state.

Send + Receive continues to program innovative and exciting sound art and avant-garde music.

A partial list of artists programmed between 1998 - 2004 includes:

Ken Gregory - Oval - Peter Brötzmann/Marino Pliakis/Michael Wertmüller - David Grubbs - Kaffe Matthews - Anna Friz - Lee Ranaldo - Leah Singer - Zev Asher - Dean Roberts - Bruce Russell - Martin Tétreault - Janek Schaefer/Robert Hampson - Ed Osborn - Gert-Jan Prins - Otomo Yoshihide - Philip Jeck - Carsten Nicolai - Jocelyn Robert - Diane Landry - pimmon - Sogar - Kim Cascone - Rita McKeough -Taylor Deupree - Lori Freedman - Kathy Kennedy - Michael Dumontier - Sam Shalabi/Alexandre St-Onge - i8u - Tim Hecker - Venetian Snares - storm & stress - Pan Sonic - Christof Kurzmann/Michaela Grill/Billy Roisz/Martin Siewert as My Kingdom for a Lullabye - Peter Cusack - Lou Mallozi - Jason Kahn - Aki Onda - Marilynn Lerner - Christof Migone - Ab Baars Trio...and many more.