Black Seas Ensemble

The Black Seas Ensemble is a revolving collection of artists and musicians who come together to perform material connected to the Black Seas project.

Suoni per il Popolo Festival
June, 2019.
Date to be confirmed.
Black Seas Large Ensemble will consist of a large band drawing from local Montréal musicians associated with the project as well as visiting international artists.

Performance history:

Something Else Festival of Creative Music
Hamilton, ON. 2017.
Steve Bates (guitar, computer), Connor Bennett (reeds, bass, electronics), Aaron Hutchinson (percussion, trumpet, electronics)

Sporobole centre en art actuel
Sherbrooke, QC. 2017.
Steve Bates (guitar, computer, synthesizer, field recordings, radio and transmitter), Michaela Grill (live video), Timothy Herzog (drums, percussion, bowed cymbals, effects), jake moore (voice), Marc-Alexendre Reinhardt (cassettes, electronics, effects, cymbals, voice), Sophie Trudeau (violin, effects, bass, cymbals, voice).

Imago Dei Festival
Krems-an-der-donau, Austria. 2018.
Steve Bates (electric guitar, computer), Martin Brandlmayr (drums, percussion), Angelica Castelló (paetzold, cassettes, effects), Michaela Grill (live video), Christof Kurzmann (clarinet, voice), Burkhard Stangl (electric guitar).

Before, After, During
Casino Luxembourg. 2019.
With United Musicians of Lucilin.