AKVK was a collaboration between Douglas Moffat, Joshua Bonnetta and Steve Bates. AKVK worked with installation, broadcast, film and video and sound works.

AKVK projects:

You Have To Be Very Careful
Nuit Blanche/Bruit Blanc
Curated by Jim Bell
Gallery B-312

A Catastrophic Silence
As part of "London Ever After"
Architectural Association, School of Architecture Summer School

AAIR Field Recordings Vol. II
A Catastrophic Silence
CD released by the Architectural Association Independent Radio
Available at AA Bookshop and the AA Photo Library
36/37 Bedford Square, London

Joy Divided
One sided 12" dubplate, recorded in London
Cut at Transition Studios, South London

Three Square Metres
As part of MINICITY
Architectural Association, School of Architecture Summer School

Ghost Acoustics
FOFA Gallery, Concordia University, Montréal
Installation, radio broadcasts, workshops and film series



AKVK (Steve Bates, Joshua Bonnetta, Douglas Moffat)

FOFA Gallery, Montréal
February 15 – March 21, 2010

Beginning with Julian Biggs’ 1964 film 23 Skidoo, the FOFA gallery and its peripheral spaces become the sites for an exploded studio of works listening to phantom sounds in film, cities and transmissions.

The studio of AKVK presents a five-week exhibition with accompanying performances, film screenings and workshops. Formed from the constructive interference within the practices of three Montréal-based artists, this exhibition features multiple works each marked by a spatial shifting of cause and effect, of sender and receiver, and each with the ability to travel through walls. The project lays bare the material nature of the immaterial practices of sound, time, and transmission.

“45 years later, the sites and sound of Biggs’ NFB film are re-visited and re-heard as a 16mm film installation. A faint chorus captured within the stone walls of St. Paul’s Cathedral are transmuted to tape. Forming slow loops they trace the edges of the FOFA vitrine. A low power radio transmitter broadcasts the sounds of discarded records from local thrift stores. The first seconds of a Joy Division classic become a late night transmission from a south London garden. The sound as hands sweep across radio dials are collected from around the world (and trapped under glass). A feral sound-system is cautiously kept in the gallery, feeding on scavenged audio - only to be let out at night...”